Tailor-made Code of Ethics for the Digital Consultant to remind everyone always of the spirit of the Association and the reason why it was created.


Are you part of a digital community?
Are you looking for a trade association to represent and support you?
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A.L.IM. – Digital Consultants guarantees to all members
assistance and support in the exercise of professionalism oriented to the economic digital evolution,
offering a real and effective trade union representation in favour of the whole community, aiming at the international recognition of a new profession, that of the Digital Consultant.

By joining the A.L.IM. network, it offers services for public and private workers, as well as assistance in accessing national micro-credit instruments and other subsidised finance measures.

Joining A.L.IM. and receiving a membership card is very simple: just follow the online procedure published in the Membership section, present a valid identity document and pay the membership fee, valid for 365 days.


Digital Seller

The Digital Seller is a professional seller with a VAT number, with the qualification of business procurer, trained and qualified to sell digital products according to the principles and functioning of the digital community in which he operates and whose function is to have companies of different types and sizes,
professionals and the self-employed join the specific business registers (according to their category), promoting technologies oriented to the digital economic evolution.
He is enrolled in a national list and is the one who has the task of formalising the final contract with the client.
He is qualified through a specific examination that is held in a totally digital way. Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)


Digital Manager

The Digital Manager is the professional expert in the use of the digital tools necessary to create a digital guarantee, and is the only person authorised to operate in the Blockchain - a digital register whose entries are grouped in 'blocks', linked in chronological order, and whose integrity is guaranteed by the use of cryptography - to manage, create and sign smart contracts between private and legal entities.

Digital Managers can be contacted and engaged, like a notary in the traditional market, to sign any kind of contract, for a small fee.
It may be that for particularly important and/or delicate commercial agreements, several Digital Managers intervene, one for each party, to ensure the correctness and transparency of the operation.


Digital Admin

The Digital Admin is the professional figure identified by the customer (company or private individual) who has the main task of assisting and supervising the work following the activation of the Smart Contract, guaranteeing regular execution in accordance with the provisions of the contract and the clauses contained therein, giving appropriate instructions when necessary. Individuals and companies rely on the Digital Admin for everything concerning the accounting of transactions and the correct fulfilment of the procedure and obligations between the parties.


Digital Assistant

The Digital Assistant is the professional who assists the customer in the various stages of preparation and processing of the tracking on the blockchain, such as:

- insertion of documents,
- insertion of photos and videos that attest to the origin of a product and the route it has traveled,
- interconnection of the tracking devices,
- connection of the equipment to the product, or products, necessary to extrapolate and report the data, on the blockchain.

In addition, the Digital Assistant guides the customer in order to teach how to best use the tools that will be deployed.
Digital Assistant courses will be made available from January 2022.

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Professional ethics consists of the set of behavioural rules, the so-called ‘code of ethics’, which in this case refers to a specific professional category:
the Digital Consultant.


The code of ethics is the professional’s reference standard to which he or she must adhere in the performance of his or her profession.


A.L.IM. – Consulenti Digitali has adopted a code of ethics “tailor-made” for the Digital Consultant and its purpose is to remind everyone, always, of the spirit that animates the Association and the reason why it was created.



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